Friday, July 24, 2020

A Date with the Falchions

This summer’s Killer Nashville conference may have been cancelled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped its organizers from going ahead with their competition for the 2020 Silver Falchion Awards. Today they announced nine categories of contestants. Those lists can all be found at this link. Below are the finalists for two prizes of predictable interest to Rap Sheet readers.

Best Mystery Novel:
A Dream of Death, by Connie Berry (Crooked Lane)
The White Heron, by Carl and Jane Bock (Whiz Bang)
The Mammoth Murders, by Iris Chacon (Independently published)
Blood Moon Rising, by Richard Conrath (Gulf Shore Press)
Fake, by John DeDakis (Strategic Media)
Lovely Digits, by Jeanine Englert (Soul Mate)
The Marsh Mallows, by Henry Hack (Dog Ear)
Murder at the Candlelight Vigil, by Karen McCarthy
(McCarthy Mystery)
Murder Creek, by Jane Suen (Jane Suen)
The Deadliest Thief, by June Trop (Black Opal)

Best Thriller:
Red Specter, by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson (Thomas & Mercer)
All Hollow, by Simeon Courtie (Simantics)
Deadly Obsession, by Shirley B. Garrett (Independently published)
The Gryphon Heist, by James R. Hannibal (Revell)
Low Country Blood, by Sue Hinkin (Literary Wanderlust)
Hyperion’s Fracture, by Thomas Kelso (Jolly Robin Press)
Rise, by Leslie McCauley (Independently published)
The Secret Child, by Caroline Mitchell (Thomas & Mercer)
The Silent Victim, by Dana Perry (Bookouture)
Downhill Fast, by Dana J. Summers (Independently published)

Winners are expected to be declared online on August 22.

(Incidentally, for those many people—like me—who don’t use “falchion” in everyday speech, that term refers to “a broad-bladed slightly curved sword of medieval times,” according to Merriam-Webster.)

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