Saturday, April 04, 2020

Crediting Concision

The Short Mystery Fiction Society has named its finalists for the 2020 Derringer Awards, honoring “outstanding published stories.” There are four categories of contenders, with all of the tales having appeared in 2019. Sadly, the SMFS’s latest lists do not include (as they have historically done) the books, magazines, or Web sites where these estimable yarns were first made available.

Best Flash Story (up to 1,000 words):
“Lucky,” by Trey Dowell
“The Two-Body Problem,” by Josh Pachter
“2 Percent,” by Lissa Marie Redmond
“Birdbrain,” by C.J. Verburg
“The Six-Year-Old Serial Killer,” by Chris Chan

Best Short Story (1,001 to 4,000 words):
“Grist for the Mill,” by Kaye George
“Love, or Something Like It,” by Michael Bracken
“A Sure Thing,” by C.C. Guthrie
“On the Road with Mary Jo,” by John Floyd
“Pig Lickin’ Good,” by Debra H. Goldstein

Best Long Story (4,001 to 8,000 words):
“Miss Starr’s Good-bye,” by Leslie Budewitz
“None Shall Sleep,” by Sylvia Maultash Warsh
“Pretty Dreams,” by Peter W.J. Hayes
“See Humble and Die,” by Rick Helms
“Lucy’s Tree,” by Sandra Murphy

Best Novelette (8,001 to 20,000 words):
“Her Sister’s Secrets,” by Brendan DuBois
“The Cripplegate Apprehension,” by Rick Helms
“The Concrete Smile,” by Frank Zafiro
“The Dutchy,” by Doug Allyn
“I Called to Say You’re Dead,” by Stephen Greco

“A vote of the SMFS membership will determine the winner in each category,” explains the society’s current president, Kevin R. Tipple. Winners should be announced this coming May 1.

(Hat tip to Mystery Fanfare.)

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