Friday, May 17, 2019

Most Deserved Recognition

Congratulations to Rap Sheet correspondent Ali Karim, who has been selected as Fan Guest of Honor for Bouchercon 2021. Like Bouchercon 2016, this forthcoming convention is scheduled to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, and chaired by author Heather Graham with her colleague, Connie Perry. It will run from August 25 to 29, 2021.

I haven’t yet decided whether to attend this year’s Bouchercon, in Dallas, Texas, or next year’s gathering, in Sacramento, California, so the 2021 event wasn’t even on my radar. But the fact that my good friend Ali—a former Bouchercon board member and major crime-fiction enthusiast—will be at the New Orleans gathering convinces me I should take part, too. He and I had a swell time together in the Crescent City three years ago; and while there’s no guarantee that things will be as fun a second time around, I’m pretty optimistic about it.

Oh, and if you’re interested to know who else, besides Ali, is slated for praise at Bouchercon 2021, note that Steve Berry will be the Thriller Guest of Honor, Craig Johnson will be the American Guest of Honor, Jo Nesbø will be the International Guest of Honor, and Sandra Brown is set to receive that year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


Max Allan Collins said...

Much deserved. Ali is a great guy and so important to the genre.

Ali Karim said...

You make me blush, no mean feat, and miss your company Jeff, the last time in New Orleans in 2016 was so invigorating, though that afternoon after we went to the WW2 museum, and then found that bar and just talked about lives made me realise I lucky and privileged I am having you as a friend, as well so many other very cool people, including Mr Max A C; and the time in St Louis, when i gave the correct prounoucation for S*hit as S*ite still makes me laugh, you guys are the best

Art Taylor said...

Congratulations to Ali! I saw the news yesterday--such an honor and so well-deserved.