Saturday, February 17, 2018

What Would Nonnatus House Nurses Say?

What could the British historical drama Call the Midwife possibly have to do with an upcoming TNT-TV series described as an “intense, morally complex thriller”? Well, it seems they share a writer, Harriet Warner, who scripted 10 episodes of Midwife before creating this New Orleans-set project tentatively titled Deadlier Than the Male.

Deadline Hollywood says that Warner’s pilot “revolves around a trio of characters, each with a mysterious and troubling past: Emma [Lily Rabe] is a young woman who once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer, John [Hamish Linklater] is a former serial predator desperate to find redemption, and Mary [Judging Amy’s Amy Brenneman] is a grieving mother obsessed with finding her missing daughter. As each of them is pushed to the edge, the truth about their pasts and motives grows ever murkier, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator.”

The same online news source notes, “Deadlier Than the Male is the second TNT drama pilot from the network’s most recent batch to get a series order. It joins the recent pickup of Snowpiercer.”

(Hat tip to The Killing Times.)

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