Saturday, February 03, 2018

Happy Birthday, Robert McGinnis!

(Above) The Velvet Knife, by Irving Shulman (Popular Giant, 1960).
Illustration by Robert McGinnis.

As Evan Lewis reminds us in his blog, today is the 92nd birthday of acclaimed American paperback artist Robert McGinnis.

I’ve written in The Rap Sheet before about McGinnis, including in this rewarding interview with his biographer, Art Scott. And I have showcased many examples of McGinnis’ work in my other blog, Killer Covers. So rather than rehash all of that, I shall simply post the two classic McGinnis-painted book fronts shown above and below, and suggest you visit those existing resources.

Where Did Charity Go? by Carter Brown (Signet, 1970).
Illustration by Robert McGinnis.

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Robert Haffner said...

It is wonderful to see him still painting with the Hard Case Crime books.