Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Blues for Moody

From Janet Rudolph’s Mystery Fanfare blog:
More sad news. Bill Moody, 76, musician and mystery author, passed away on January 14. I haven’t seen a formal obituary yet, but saw this on his Facebook page, a post by Piro Patten:

“We lost Bill yesterday. He was late for a gig and the musicians went looking for him. Great way to go. I hope musicians are looking for me when my time comes. We love you, Bill, and that wonderful lilting swing that propelled the music so well.”
Moody was of course a professional jazz drummer and the author of seven mystery novels starring Evan Horne, a jazz pianist and sometime sleuth. The first of those was Solo Hand (1994), with the last being 2011’s Fade to Blue. In addition, he penned a couple of spy yarns: Czechmate (2012) and The Man in Red Square (2013). The New York Times once remarked that “Moody is a fluent writer with a good ear for dialogue, a deft and ingratiating descriptive touch, a talent for characterization and a genuine feel for the jazz world.”

I only had the chance to meet Bill Moody once or twice at Bouchercons, but I remember him as an excellent speaker and a pleasant conversationalist. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

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Gary Phillips said...

Just found out this morning that Bill had passed. Always loved hanging with him at mystery conventions hearing about his jazz gigs, the crazy people he'd met and so forth. One hell of a writer too. Mood Swings is a great collection of his short stories and let's not forget his Horne books -- particularly Looking for Chet Baker. I have this audio version that Bill narrated and it's pitch perfect.