Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Multiple Millars

I’ve been experiencing Internet problems all day long, which seem to be associated with my service provider, rather than with my own computer or its connection. I have had online access only sporadically. Having now found a window onto the Web, let me toss up here a couple of things. First of all, this note from In Reference to Murder:
New imprint Syndicate Books is publishing the complete works of MWA [Mystery Writers of America] Grandmaster Margaret Millar, with a special offer for readers: you can pre-order the series and receive each book one month before its on-sale date. Order now and receive one book every two months, or order at any point later and receive all released volumes and then the rest as they publish.
This looks like a wonderful, seven-volume paperback set, featuring all 26 of Millar’s novels, plus her 1968 memoir, The Birds and the Beasts Were There. The price: an apparently discounted $99.99.


Art Taylor said...

It's a beautiful set, and I'm so tempted by it myself!

J F Norris said...

Amazing coup for these guys. Though I think her books will always be very easy to find in used bookstores and libraries it's good for all the digital book fans out there or those who absolutely have to have a modern reprint. For me, I'm very happy to see that her first two books which I have NEVER seen anywhere in my lifetime, and therefore never been able to read, will finally be available. Too bad I have wait until April 2017 before I can get a copy of those titles.