Monday, May 16, 2016

Really, That’s a Liability?

This is a rather surprising development. CBS-TV has decided not to pick up a prospective new series, Drew, starring the magnetic Sarah Shahi (Life, Fairly Legal) in the role of “Nancy Drew reimagined as a thirty-something NYPD detective.” Explains The Mary Sue:
Writers Joan Rater and Tony Phelan of Grey’s Anatomy had been working on the concept for the show along with CBS, which co-starred Graceland’s Vanessa Ferlito as George, Nancy’s former partner at the NYPD, and ER’s Anthony Edwards as Nancy’s father. (No news yet on who they’d potentially landed to play that updated version of Bess.)

The reason for the nix? Apparently, “the pilot tested well but skewed too female for CBS’ schedule.” Whatever
that means.
Deadline adds Drew “is being shopped to other outlets by CBS TV Studios.” It does seem like a saleable idea, with a good cast attached.


michael said...

Nothing in life is simple. Deadline and others believe the fate of DREW was do to at least three factors.
First, Joan Rater and Tony Phelan had two pilots, one was DREW the other was DOUBT. DOUBT stars Katherine Heigi as a lawyer. CBS picked one and took DOUBT.
DREW tested too female. ABC, the network with the most series aimed at females, fell to fourth in the network ratings and is changing to more procedurals to attract more total young audience. There are reasons to avoid a series that has limited appeal.
CBS lacked an open time slot at 8pm or 9pm.
DREW is being shopped around and if it is any good I see someone picking it up.
Of course, the real reason might have been it wasn't good enough to go series.

Anonymous said...

Why are we surprised. Tv is abysmal. All trite copycats of something else. Honestly it can be done decent storytelling and acting, but the cretins do not care.

michael said...

Anonymous, I can give you most of network TV is weak, though I do like a few such as BLACKLIST and PERSON OF INTEREST. However some of the best TV ever can be found on cable and the streaming services. Even a cable network like SyFy is doing some great things such as THE EXPANSE. WYNONNA EARP is one of the most fun Western-horror shows I have ever seen (as an ex-professional TV critic in my 60s).

Todd Mason said...

Sarah Shahi has an appeal that will Not skew exclusively female. Though aside from being gorgeous, she's quite talented, and has helped elevate such series as LIFE, PERSON OF INTEREST and THE L WORD...I'll look for this one.