Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Strengthening Bookstore Futures

This is excellent news! Once Upon a Crime, the well-respected independent mystery-fiction bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has “found a buyer,” as current owners Pat Frovarp and Gary Shulze announced in a press release posted by Crimespree Magazine today. Their note goes on to explain:
Hard to believe, but here we are. After 7 months of backs and forths with potential buyers, Once Upon a Crime is about to have new owners. We’re both excited and saddened by this news. We’ll miss the store, authors, and especially customers as we hand over the care and feeding of Once Upon a Crime on April 1 (we’re not fooling) to a new and enthusiastic generation. This date is—coincidentally—the 29th anniversary of the store’s founding in 1987. Why not hold out until the 30th anniversary next year, you may ask. Good question. Short answer is “because it’s time.” Running an independent bookstore is hard, ceaseless work. We don’t sit at the desk and read books until the next customer shows up. But Dennis Abraham, Megan King–Abraham, along with their daughter Devin are perfectly suited to take over. You’re going to love them.

Don’t start thinking that you’ll never see us again. We plan to stay on for a while in an advisory capacity. There’s a lot of ropes to learn. And Devin, who will primarily manage daily operations, has already demonstrated that she’s a fast learner.

Dennis Abraham and Meg King-Abraham are avid mystery readers. The Abrahams moved to Minneapolis in 2014. Once Upon a Crime was recommended to them by friends. When they read that we were considering selling, Dennis and Meg became interested in becoming small-business owners because of their love of books. Dennis is an Operations Manager at Medtronic. Meg teaches elementary technology in St. Paul. Devin Abraham, their daughter, will be the primary staff. She is a voracious reader and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

Thank you for your past and future support of
Once Upon a Crime.
Meanwhile, there are favorable tidings from the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, which in January put out word that it was trying to raise $50,000 through a GoFundMe campaign, one that would help overcome its recent financial woes and “build back to our former glory.” A message on that GoFundMe page now declares that the goal had been reached—and exceeded. Checking this morning, the tally sits at $52,052, with further donations still being accepted.

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