Sunday, March 27, 2016

Short and Tweet

Just about a week ago, I received an e-mail note from a reader saying that The Rap Sheet’s Twitter account had suddenly been suspended, and asking, “what crimes did you commit” to provoke that? Having no idea of the answer, I contacted January Magazine editor Linda L. Richards, my friend who had generously sent up that account five years ago, to inquire as to what she might know about this peculiar turn of events. She pleaded ignorance as well, but said she had filed an appeal to end the suspension. Within a very short time, Twitter replied that “We have now unsuspended your account.”

Who knows what craziness happened here. Linda’s humorous conjecture is that Twitter acted pre-emptively out of fear that “anyone with ‘Rap Sheet’ in the name is going to be a badass.”

The good news is that The Rap Sheet’s Twitter page seems to be fully back in operation, though it is mysteriously missing about two weeks worth of automatic notices. Let’s hope everything goes along swimmingly from now on. You might note for the future that, in addition to that Rap Sheet Twitter page, I have another page of my own, found here, which covers the same material, as well as links to Killer Covers posts and subjects of more personal interest.

Happy Easter reading, everyone!

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

They have done this to me at various times with no explanation at all. I think they just randomly do it. Maybe as a way of weeding accounts and eventually eliminating a dead account if nobody appeals.

Or, it could be the Borg.