Sunday, December 27, 2015

Plum Picks: Everyone Wants a Say

It’s been impossible to keep track of every “best books of 2015” list dumped onto the Web recently. We’ve posted a wide variety of them already on this page--including those from regular Rap Sheet contributors--but their numbers appear to swell daily. What follows is our latest collection of “bests” links. These selections come primarily from the crime, mystery, and thriller genre, though some of the choices extend well past those parameters. And not all of these lists restrict themselves to books that were released during the last 12 months; some older volumes are highlighted as well.

Crime Fiction Lover’s various “Top Five Books of 2015” lists
S.W. Lauden’s “Recommended Reading 2015
Jingle Bells! Mrs. Peabody’s 2015 Christmas Recommendations
LitReacter Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2015
Sarah Ward’s “My Top Reads of 2015” in Crimepieces
Nigel Bird’s “Faves of Fifteen (Overseas)” in Sea Minor
Declan Burke’s “Review: The Best Crime Novels of 2015
Best of 2015” in His Futile Preoccupations …
Crime Thriller Girl’s “Top Reads 2015: Crime
Crime Thriller Girl’s “Top Reads 2015: Thriller
Steve Donoghue’s “Best Books of 2015: Mysteries” in SteveReads
Scott Montgomery’s “Top 10 of 2015
Jochem Vandersteen’s “Favorite Sons of 2015” in Sons of Spade
Peter Rozovsky has posted several “best books of 2015” items in his blog, Detectives Beyond Borders
The Year in Review: 2015 Reads” in Yet Another Crime Fiction Blog
My Top 5 Reads of 2015” in Bite the Book
My Favorite Reads of 2015” in Ms. Wordopolis Reads
The Year’s Best Books in Review -- A.D. 2015; Featuring Three Deserving Resurrection,” by The Dusty Bookcase’s Brian Busby
Nick Jones’ “The Ten Best Books I Read in 2015” in Existential Ennui
My Favourite Books of 2015” in Cross Examining Crime
Not Quite a Top 10…” in Novel Heights
John Harvey’s “Best Books of the Year, 2015
Euro Crime critics are currently rolling out their “Favourite Discoveries of 2015” lists, featuring books, films, and more.
Book Riot Best of 2015
• Tobias Gohlis’ “Best Crime of 2015” in the German newspaper Die Zeit. The original posting is here, but an English translation can be found here. (Note that some books have been published under different titles in Germany; Richard Price’s The Whites, for instance, becomes The Untouchables, while James Lee Burke’s House of the Rising Sun becomes Embers and Ashes).
The Books We Loved in 2015” in The New Yorker
Top Ten Tuesday: Best of 2015” in You Book Me All Night Long
McVoice’s “Faves of Fifteen (UK)
Celebrity Picks: Gillian Flynn’s Favorite Reads of 2015” in Omnivoracious
Flavorwire’s “The Best Fiction of 2015
Powell’s Books’ “Best Fiction Books of 2015
My Top Ten Favourite Books of 2015,” by Bob Douglas in
Critics at Large
Top Five Texas Authors of 2015” in MysteryPeople’s blog
The Bowery Boys Ten Favorite New York History Books of 2015

And now for a few broader-reaching extras:

The Best Facts I Learned from Books in 2015,”
by Kathryn Schulz (The New Yorker)
2015 in Books News: Tragedies and Triumphs,”
by Richard Lea (The Guardian)
2015 in Crime Flicks,” by Jedediah Ayres (Hardboiled Wonderland)

Please feel free to add any additional, interesting links in the Comments section of this post.


Ayo Onatade said...

Jeff - Over on the Shotsbblog I posted my favourite books of 2015. Here is the link.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

No worries, Ayo. I already drew attention to your Shotsmag Confidential list in this earlier post:


Mrs P said...

Many thanks for including Mrs. Peabody's favourites.

Ayo Onatade said...

Thanks Jeff! Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks and great round up!! Happy New Year to you all.