Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Commemorating Christie

Today marks the 125th anniversary of mystery novelist Agatha Christie’s birth in the seaside town of Torquay, in Devon, England. (She died in 1976, at age 85.) Much is being made of this occasion on the Web. I can’t possibly track all of the stories being posted, but below I shall begin collecting links to at least some of the more interesting offerings related to Christie’s birthday. I’ll add to those a few older but valuable links from my personal files.

Here’s to Agatha Christie, Queen of the Whodunit,” by Jamie Gass (The Federalist)
Forget the Haters: Agatha Christie for Life,” by Benjamin Welton (The Airship)
Agatha Christie at 125: A Thoroughly Modern Marple,” by Nick Glass and Bryony Jones (CNN)
Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie! 125 Years!” by Janet Rudolph (Mystery Fanfare)
Was Agatha Christie the Real ‘Gone Girl’?” by Kelsey Miller (Refinery29)
5 Ways to Celebrate Agatha Christie’s 125th Birhday,” by Michael Calia (The Wall Street Journal)
8 Things You May Not Know About Agatha Christie,” by Mark Campbell (Bio)
Memories of My Grandmother, Agatha Christie,” by Liz Parks (Western Morning News)
My Top Three Favorite Agatha Christie Books,” by Kerry Hammond (Mystery Playground)
Yes, Another Top 5 List,” by Jeffrey Marks (The Corpse Steps Out)
5 Must-Read Agatha Christie Novels,” by Sarah Weinman (Time)
Agatha Christie Was Actually a Poison Master,” by Kathryn Harkup (The Daily Beast)
A Computer Can Solve Every Agatha Christie Mystery on Just a Few Clues,” by Justin Farris (The Kim Komando Show)
The Agatha of My Youth: Collecting Christie,” by Michael Nethercott (Criminal Element)
And from 25 years ago … All Aboard! The Agatha Christie Centennial Is Rolling,” by Mervyn Rothstein (The New York Times)


Murder, She Wrote,” by Liadan Hynes (Irish Independent)
Agatha Christie: And Then There Were … 66 Crime Novels,” by Sinead Gleeson (The Irish Times)
Agatha Christie’s 10 Best Plot Twists,” by Sarah Seltzer (Flavorwire)
The Five Best Agatha Christie Adaptations,” by Donald Clarke
(The Irish Times)
9 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Agatha Christie,” by Eleni Kyriacou (Marie Claire)
For Agatha Christie’s 125th Birthday, Nine Facts About the ‘Queen of Crime,’” by Keri Blakinger (New York Daily News)
In Honor of Agatha Christie’s 125th Birthday: My 11 Favorite Christie Books,” by Yvette Banek (In So Many Words …)
But Mom, Everyone’s Doing It,” by Jeffrey Marks (The Corpse
Steps Out)
Q&A with Paul Fry: Whodunit? Why Agatha Christie’s Legacy Is Still Going Strong,” by Bess Connolly Martell (Yale News)

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