Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pierce’s Picks

A weekly alert for followers of crime, mystery, and thriller fiction.

Set in October 1943, Clandestine, by J. Robert Janes (Mysterious Press/Open Road), dispatches the unlikely investigative duo of Chief Inspector Jean-Louis St-Cyr of the French Sûreté and Detektiv Inspektor Hermann Kohler of the Nazi Gestapo to a crumbling, ancient Cistercian abbey in northern France, where a bank delivery van has been hijacked. The vehicle’s two male occupants are found shot some distance away, while the stacks of cash and black-market foodstuffs that were being transported have been ransacked--but only a suspiciously small quantity of each is missing. Equally bewildering is the discovery of a woman’s high-heeled shoes on the scene. Who was their wearer, why was she in the van, and where has she gone? An excellent entry in Janes’ long-running series, taking place at a time when the defeat of Adolf Hitler’s war forces appears inevitable. Believe No One, by A.D. Garrett (Minotaur)--the sequel to Everyone Lies (2014)--finds British Detective Chief Inspector Kate Simms on sabbatical in St. Louis, Missouri, where she’s to share knowledge with the local cops and enjoy some necessary distance from Scottish forensics authority Nick Fennimore. But Fennimore, on a concurrent U.S. speaking tour, winds up rejoining Simms to pursue a serial slayer who has been murdering young mothers along the Midwest’s Interstate 44, and abducting their children. For Fennimore this case has a personal connection: his wife was killed five years ago in a similarly grisly fashion, and his daughter taken.

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