Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pro “Choice”

My Kirkus Reviews column today is devoted to the subject of hit-man novels. I make special mention of Max Allan Collins’ new book, Quarry’s Choice, which I say “reads like one of those pulpish Gold Medal paperback thrillers of the 1950s or ’60s, densely plotted and dynamically paced, with plenty of nefarious twists, explosive turns and shady characters who live to surprise.” You’ll find the full piece here.

READ MORE:Quarry Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” by Max Allan Collins; “It’s All About the Books,” by Ky Cochran (Muscatine Journal).


Ray Garraty said...

Perry, Collins and Block are certainly mr top three.
Spademan from Shovel Ready operates more like P.I. than hitman.
And you forgot to mention Barry Eisler's John Rain.

RJR said...

Jeff, I guess I need to send you UPON MY SOUL and SOULS OF THE DEAD, the first two books in my hit man trilogy.


RJR said...

BTW, I love the Quarry books.