Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Verse-Case Scenarios

Spaces are filling up in the posting calendar for the annual blog tour to support Gerald So’s The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly. But, with that rolling celebration of verse set to kick off on Monday, April 1, there’s still room for new participants. So explains the rules here:
Like National Poetry Month, the blog tour is as much for those discovering poetry as for those who have already. Browse through our archived poems, pick one that moves you, and prepare an entry to post to your blog on an April date of your choice. If you don’t have your own blog but would like to participate, e-mail me your entry, and I’ll post it here.

The content and format of your entry are up to you. Expound on why you like the poem, interview the poet, whatever you’d like to do. Past 5-2 contributors may join to discuss their poems in more detail.
A rundown of already-scheduled participants can be found here, together with contact information for editor So.

I’ve been invited to join, but not having read poetry much over the last two decades, I do not feel qualified to comment on such works. Still, I’ll be checking in regularly on the tour’s progress.

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