Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lusting After Loveys

Nominees for the 2013 Lovey Awards were announced today by Love Is Murder, the mystery-fiction conference set to take place from February 1 to 3 at the InterContinental Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. These commendations will be presented during the Saturday evening awards dinner/banquet.

Best First Novel:
Courting Murder, by Bill Hopkins (Southeast Missouri State
University Press)
Souljourner, by D. L. Marriott (CreateSpace)
Perfidy, by Michele May (True Grit)
In Her Shadow, by August McLaughlin (Dystel & Goderich)

Best Traditional/Amateur Sleuth:
Where Did You Die, by Patricia K. Batta (Lillimar)
The Trashy Gourmet, by David Ciambrone (L & L Dreamspell)
A Small Hill to Die On, by Elizabeth Duncan (Minotaur)
The Light Keeper’s Legacy, by Kathleen Ernst (Midnight Ink)
Dabblers, by Kathryn Flatt (Write Words)*
The Lost Artist, by Gail Lukasik (Five Star)
Emma Winberry and the Evil Eye, by Helen Osterman
(Weaving Dreams)
Murder in the Round, by Patricia Rockwell (Cozy Cat Press)
Crosscurrents, by Powell Smily, with Susan Smily and Honora Finkelstein (El Amarna)

Best Thriller:
Hitman: Damnation, by Raymond Benson (Del Rey)
The Black Stiletto: Black & White, by Raymond Benson (Oceanview)
The Ninth Day, by Jamie Freveletti (Harper)
Company Orders, by David J. Walker (Allium Press)

Best Police Procedural:
Portrait of Murder, by Rob Riley (Orange Hat)
The Sons of Jude, by Brandt Dobson (Monarch)

Best Paranormal/Sci-fi:
Last Wool and Testament, by Molly MacRae (Signet)†
Walk-In, by Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily (Dark Oak)
When the Moon Is Gibbous and Waxing, by Angela Myers
(Etopia Press)

Best Historical:
Archie Meets Nero Wolfe, by Robert Goldsborough
(Mysterious Press/Open Road)
Death at Woods Hole, by Frances McNamara (Allium Press)
The Bootlegger’s Nephew, by Sara Wisseman (Hilliard & Harris)

Best Suspense:
A Bitter Veil, by Libby Fischer Hellman (Allium Press)
Moonlight for Maggie, by Karen L. Syed (Echelon Press)

Best Series:
Get Fluffy, by Sparkle Abbey (Bell Bridge)
Thy Will Be Done, by Richard M. Davidson (RADMAR)
The Janus Reprisal, by Jamie Freveletti (Grand Central)
Killerfind, by Sharon Woods Hopkins (Deadly Writes)
Trickster’s Point, by William Kent Krueger (Atria)
The Watch, by Jerry Peterson (CreateSpace)

Best Short Story:
“Harry’s Fall from Grace,” by Luisa Buehler (Amazon Digital)*
“The Love Nest,” by Sharon I. Cook (from The Legend of Judgment Rock and Other Mystery Stories; Amazon Digital)*
“Capital Partners,” by Libby Fischer Hellman (from Writes of Spring, edited by Gary Shulze and Pat Frovarp; Nodin Press)
“Early’s Christmas,” by Jerry Peterson (from A James Early Christmas and Other Stories of the Season; CreateSpace)
“The Case of the Extra Ingredient,” by Mary Welk (from Hot Crime, Cool Chicks: An Anthology; Amazon Digital)

The Lovey Awards, originally called the Reader’s Choice Awards, have been part of Love Is Murder since 2000. Winners are selected by conference attendees.

* From what I can tell, these are only available as e-books.

† Molly MacRae’s Last Wool and Testament was originally listed as a contender in the Best Traditional/Amateur Sleuth category. But, according to Love Is Murder organizer Juli Schatz, it was moved into the Paranormal/Sci-Fi category after the original notice of nominees was sent to the media.

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