Friday, July 13, 2012

New Life in Older Books

A wee bit later this morning, The Rap Sheet will post its newest entry in the Web’s weekly “forgotten books” tribute series--a fond look at Billy Phelan’s Greatest Game, by William Kennedy.

In the meantime, though, today has already brought out a wealth of other write-ups about crime and thriller works, some classic and some ... well, not so. Among the volumes under consideration are: He Who Hesitates, by Ed McBain; Rendezvous in Black, by Cornell Woolrich; Dolls Are Murder, edited by Harold Q. Masur; The Winds of Change, by Martha Grimes; The Wrong Case, by James Crumley; Where There’s a Will, by Rex Stout; The Body on Mount Royal, by David Montrose; Murder Comes First, by Richard and Frances Lockridge; The Golden Hooligan, by Thomas B. Dewey; Dragonfire, by Bill Pronzini; Painted Ladies, by Robert B. Parker; A Crime Remembered, by Jeffrey Ashford; Carteret’s Cure, by Richard Keverne; Put Out That Star, by Harry Carmichael; and The Boys from Brazil, by Ira Levin.

A complete listing of this week’s “forgotten books” posts can be found in series organizer Patti Abbott’s blog, Pattinase.

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