Sunday, June 03, 2012

Go Figure

Almost two years ago, I created a YouTube page for The Rap Sheet. It was meant as nothing more than a fun project, providing a place where I could post classic (or simply old) TV show openings--videos of interest specifically to crime- and mystery-fiction enthusiasts.

A few of the most popular selections, though, are not those I expected would draw special interest. As of this afternoon, here are the 10 most-watched videos on The Rap Sheet’s YouTube page:

1. Crazy Like a Fox TV Intro (22,288 views)
2. Wiseguy TV Intro (9,995)
7. Harry O TV Intro (4,420)
9. Tenafly TV Promo (3,498)

1 comment:

Winifred said...

Had to go and listen to Harry O again. I never tire of that theme. My favourite is the first arrangement. Had more of a melancholy feel to it like the show. Still my favourite detective!