Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poll to Poll

We let you know in late December that Spinetingler Magazine has asked readers to nominate contenders for this year’s Spinetingler Awards--the Webzine’s fifth annual such competition. But since there were undoubtedly many other things on your mind at the time, it seems right to post a reminder. The awards categories are:

Best New Voice (authors with 1-3 books published)
Best Rising Star (authors with 4-8 books published)
Best Legends Books (from authors with 9+ books published)
Best Single-Author Short Story Collection
Best Multi-Author Short Story Anthology
Best Crime Comics or Graphic Novels
Best Opening Line
Best Short Story
Best Book Cover

Click here to make your recommendations.

Spinetingler’s Brian Lindenmuth, who’s behind this survey, tells me that he’ll “probably let the poll run until mid-March,” and then announce the final list of nominees on Saturday, March 31. Beginning the next day, April 1, readers will be invited to cast votes online for their favorite nominees.

* * *

Meanwhile, Lindenmuth wrote yesterday in Do Some Damage that “because there were so many strong novellas published in 2011, I would like to announce that Spinetingler will launch a Best Novella award on January 16th. There will be 10 nominees, and a poll that will be open to the public. Voting will take place until the end of the month.

“For now the award will be kept separate from the main awards, because I don’t know if the novella trend will continue. If it does (and I hope it does) then it will be folded into the main awards.”

We’ll let you know when the Best Novella poll opens.

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