Friday, September 30, 2011

Dusty Reads for Our Time

Later this morning, and for the first time in several weeks, The Rap Sheet will make a contribution to Patti Abbott’s “forgotten books” series. But ours is hardly the only such old-book recommendation making the rounds of the blogosphere today. Here’s a representative sample of other crime-fiction submissions: Don’t Dig Deeper, by William Francis; Jumping Jenny, by Anthony Berkeley; The Killing of the Tinkers, by Ken Bruen; The Galton Case, by Ross Macdonald; I Gave at the Office, by Donald E. Westlake; Miami, It’s Murder, by Edna Buchanan; The Bells of Old Bailey, by Dorothy Bowers; The Weird Picture, by John R. Carling; Walking the Perfect Square, by Reed Farrel Coleman; Killer on the Road, by James Ellroy; Memory of Passion, by Gil Brewer; and Murder Can Stunt Your Growth, by Selma Eichler.

A complete list of today’s suggestions, plus notes on a couple more unjustly overlooked novels, check out Abbott’s own blog.

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