Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stieg Saga Gets Pushed Another Notch

The ongoing Stieg saga got yet another push at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where former Stieg Larsson colleague and fellow journalist Kurdo Baksi said that the fourth novel in Larsson’s Millennium Series may be further along than was previously thought. The Guardian is covering the Festival:
The fourth novel by Stieg Larsson, author of the 30m-selling Millennium Trilogy, is 70% complete, strongly features Camilla Salander, the twin of the series’ protagonist Lisbeth, and is set “between Ireland, Sweden and the U.S.,” according to Larsson’s former colleague Kurdo Baksi.
Baksi was at the Festival talking about his memoir, Stieg Larsson My Friend (Quercus) and, according to The Guardian, he claimed “to have been shown the draft novel by Larsson’s partner of nearly 30 years, Eva Gabrielsson, shortly after the author’s death.”
There has been much discussion about this mysterious fourth novel which Gabrielsson has been saying all along is only about 30 per cent complete. But disagreement between Baksi and Gabrielsson is not entirely a new thing:

Baksi said: “It is at 260 pages at the moment--about 70% complete. Eva has said the book is not so complete. She took the book after Stieg died and showed it to me and his father.”

Gabrielsson, who has also written a memoir, has previously hit out at Baksi’s representation of Larsson as a sloppy journalist who was not above rigging the facts, describing Baksi’s book as “pure slander” and calling for it to be withdrawn.

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