Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pride of the Ossiningites

Three times before I have scanned and posted here TV Guide articles about the renowned American crime drama Columbo and its star, Peter Falk. But since Falk’s death on Thursday, I’ve dug out from my files two more pieces from the same magazine that haven’t yet been offered on this page. (Columbo’s viewer popularity made it a frequent attraction in TV Guide during the series’ long run.) For your entertainment and edification, I shall post both of those articles this weekend.

The first piece, embedded below, appeared in the May 5, 1973, edition. It looks back fondly at Falk’s boyhood years spent in Ossining, New York, a village in Westchester County, north of New York City.

Simply click on the images below for readable enlargements.


Anonymous said...

hey, you don't suppose to have the issue which TVGuide first coined the term "howcatchem" ? I would love to see that.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Do you know which issue that was?


Anonymous said...

no clue, but i suppose if it was talking about howcatchem, then columbo must had been mentioned, and i noticed that you hadn't post Apr 20 - 26 1974 issue yet...

Anonymous said...

No clue, but if it was talking about howcatchem, then Columbo would be mentioned obviously. Therefor, my first guess would be the APR 20 1974 issue.

ps: this recaptcha kills me