Sunday, May 15, 2011

Case Dismissed

Another fall 2010 TV series I’m sorry to see cancelled: The Defenders, starring James Belushi and Jerry O’Connell as high-living Las Vegas defense attorneys with some ... well, let’s call them unorthodox methods of winning justice for their clients.

Sure, it had its flaws, the first of which was a title that suggested The Defenders was a rebooting of the famous 1960s legal drama starring E.G. Marshall. But this new series also had many strengths--especially in likable star Belushi, but also in O’Connell, playing his slicker partner, and the fetching Jurnee Smollett-Bell as their more serious, younger associate (who put herself through law school as a stripper).

CBS ought not to have let The Defenders put up a longer defense.


Randy Johnson said...

I kind of had a soft spot for this one myself.

Scott Parker said...

Absolutely agree with you. The Defenders was the one show, coming in to this current TV season, I most wanted to watch. And I enjoyed it from Day One. The move to Fridays was a harbinger of doom, but still followed the show. The chemistry between the two leads was great, and Belushi really surprised me.

Sigh. At least Harry's Law got renewed and there's a strong bet that Body of Proof will, too.

Barbara said...

I thought Belushi was excellent in this but the show just didn't grow on me. Hope he gets another series soon.

Ronald Tierney said...

Much like The Mentalist and Castle, the Defenders was a lot of fun. Sorry to see it go.