Friday, April 22, 2011

Return Engagements

There’s a wealth in fine reading material available in today’s Web-wide selections of “forgotten books.” Here are some of the detective fiction and thriller choices: 30 for a Harry, by Richard Hoyt; The Sands of Windee, by Arthur W. Upfield; A Touch of Danger, by James Jones; The Mystery of a Butcher’s Shop, by Gladys Mitchell; Dead Man’s Walk, by Richard S. Prather; The Rainy City, by Earl Emerson; Soft Touch, by John D. MacDonald; The French Key Mystery, by Frank Gruber; The IPCRESS File, by Len Deighton; Footprints on the Ceiling, by Clayton Rawson; Grim Pickings, by Jennifer Rowe; The Troubleshooter, by Austin S. Camacho; Quarantined, by Joe McKinney; and a related non-fiction work, Crime Scenes: Movie Poster Art of the Film Noir, The Classic Period (1941-1959), by Lawrence Bassoff.

To find a complete list of this week’s participating bloggers, plus Ed Gorman’s review of The Vengeful Virgin, by Gil Brewer (which I agree is a splendid read), click here.

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