Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elegy for a Star

Never let somebody’s death stand in the way of celebrating his or her birthday, I say. After all, they’re no longer around to complain of getting older or to make a fuss about eating too much frosted cake.

Today marks 80 years since American actor David Janssen took his opening breath. The future star of Richard Diamond, Private Detective, The Fugitive, and Harry O was born in Nebraska on this date back in 1931. Since I wrote a rather long post about him four years ago, I won’t bother repeating myself. Suffice to say that, although he died in 1980, at age 48, Janssen has certainly not been forgotten. In fact, I might just pull out my hard-to-find Harry O DVDs this evening and re-watch a couple of episodes. That show beats most others on the tube nowadays.


pattinase (abbott) said...

That was just too young. He was such a great actor.

Jerry House said...

Years ago, I visited Janssen's hometown of Kimball, Nebraska (hence Richard Kimball, The Fugitive). I remember the town had a large rocket on display, poised as if for flight. I wonder if it's still there.

Winifred said...

He certainly was a great actor especially in Harry O. Happy birthday Harry, well David.

Thanks for your posting of 4 years ago, it was a really interesting insight into his life and Harry O. You're right Harry O does stand the test of time, far better than most of the stuff on telly today. Just hope they don't try to reproduce it.

Still waiting for the official DVDs!