Friday, January 07, 2011

Rerun Reads

Following a brief hiatus to accommodate the holidays, the very popular “forgotten books” series has returned to the Web--if not with a vengeance, then at least with verve.

In addition to Kevin McCarthy’s remarks on this page about New Hope for the Dead, by Charles Willeford, today’s Web-wide crime-fiction-associated suggestions include: Fire in the Flesh, by David Goodis; Murder Among Friends, by Elizabeth Ferrars; Halo in Blood, by John Evans; Hag’s Nook, by John Dickson Carr; Dreadful Sanctuary, by Eric Frank Russell; Dreamsicle, by W.L. Ripley; The Ax, by Donald E. Westlake; A Dream of Drowned Hollow, by Lee Barwood; the Harry Fannin novels, by David Markson; “A” Is for Alibi, by Sue Grafton; Paper Doll, by Robert B. Parker; and Suspects, by David Thomson.

To find a complete list of unjustly overlooked books being touted today, click over to organizer Patti Abbott’s blog. There you will also find five further recommendations of reading material worth rediscovering.


Editor Bill said...

Just a note: Suspects is not a non-fiction work. It is a fun book by Thomson who imagines the lives of film characters beyond their films and how they might intersect with other characters.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Bill.