Monday, December 20, 2010

January’s 2010 Hits in December

In case anyone has been puzzled by the unusual lack of activity on this page over the last day and a half, please rest assured that it was intentional--and extremely useful. Not only did it allow our post asking readers to vote for the Best Crime Novel Cover of the Year to remain at the top of The Rap Sheet (and thereby generate a greater response), but it provided me with the time I needed to finish putting together January Magazine’s Best Crime Novels of the Year feature.

As I did last year, I have split the numerous 2010 crime-fiction selections in two, with Part I going up just a bit ago. You can read the A-G selections here. Part II of this feature will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

To learn how the books were chosen, not only crime novels but other works as well, see January’s Best Books of 2010 anchor piece here.

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