Monday, December 13, 2010

In Process

• This week’s new story in Beat to a Pulp is called “Believe,” and comes from New York writer Lina Zeldovich.

• Today brings us Part 8 of the Top Suspense group’s big tag-team fiction project, which asks readers to identify the authors of the 12 individual chapters. Click here to read the new installment of “The Chase.” This project should conclude on Friday.

• Finally, in celebration of this holiday season, Mystery Readers Journal editor Janet Rudolph is posting a humongous, multi-part list of seasonally appropriate crime and thriller novels in her Mystery Fanfare blog. Titles beginning with A-D can be found here; E-H listings are available here; click here for I-N; O-R is here; and look here for books whose titles begin with the letters S-Z.

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