Friday, December 17, 2010

Giving Credit Wherever It’s Due

Earlier today, the final part of “The Chase,” the Top Suspense group’s big tag-team fiction project, was posted. You will find it here.

Now the focus shifts to you, the readers of that multi-part story. As Top Suspense member Dave Zeltserman explained when “The Chase” began running last week, “we’ll be offering free books to the first five people who can match each segment to the author who wrote it!” The six authors involved are listed here.

It’s not clear exactly where one is supposed to lodge his or her guesses about who wrote each segment of “The Chase.” But I suspect you can probably do so in the Comments section of Part 12 and feel confident of having entered this contest.

UPDATE: Dave Zeltserman has now posted the specifics for people hoping to enter Top Suspense’s contest: “We’re offering free books and bragging rights to the first five people who can match each story segment to the author who wrote it. You can enter the contest by sending an e-mail to with your picks. Entries must be received by Dec. 30th, and one entry per person. We’ll be announcing the winners on Jan. 3rd.” Zeltserman is also offering free autographed editions of his own novels to the “first three people who can pick out the two story segments I wrote.”

Click here to read “The Chase” in its entirety.

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Dave Zeltserman said...

I'll be posting something on the Top Suspense Blog tomorrow about dates, how to enter, as well as putting all 12 segments together. I think some of the participating authors might also run their own smaller contests to see if readers can pick their two story segments out. Anyway, thanks for posting about the round robin story + contest, and I'll be making things clearer tomorrow.