Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Off Topic: Have You Voted Yet?

Allow me to echo Patti Abbott’s call on everyone to go out and vote in today’s U.S. midterm elections, if you haven’t already mailed in a ballot.

This election season has been dominated by right-wing extremists, who hope to do everything from privatize Social Security and Medicaid, to undermine President Obama’s health-care reforms, intensify hatred against immigrants, increase the dominance of corporations, discontinue needed economic reforms, and start a war against Iran. Those extremists are depending on voters who disagree with their positions to stay home, stay quiet, and let them have their way.

Now is not the time to ignore your responsibility as a citizen to vote.

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Joe Barone said...

Yes, I have voted.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I voted at noon. Five hundred people ahead of me in a small precinct. Most of them voted for the wrong guys. GULP.

Uriah Robinson said...

Patti, how do you know, have you abandoned secret ballots in the USA?
It is tragic that your country is so divided with each side spouting terrible vitriol against the other.
What happened to the 'better angels of our nature" and "the city upon a hill"?

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I fear that Lincoln's "better angels of our nature" were driven out in the 1990s by Newt Gingrich's scorched earth Republican "revolutionaries."