Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Brings It All

Six months after the last issue of The Back Alley first appeared, that Webzine is finally up with plenty of fresh material. This new edition includes short fiction by New Orleans detective O’Neil De Noux (“Disturbing the Peace”), Anita Page (“The Anniversary”), Fred Zackel (“Woman, 59, Brutally Slain in Home Invasion”), and others; editor Richard Helms’ remembrance of several crime-fiction figures lost this year; and the final installment in a seven-part serialization of Frank Norris’ acclaimed 1899 noir novel, McTeague.

You’ll find the full contents of The Back Alley here.

Meanwhile, the Fall 2010 issue of Mysterical-E is also making the rounds. It features stories by John M. Floyd, Chris Rhatigan, Catherine A. Winn, Neil Grimmett, and seven others; Chris Verstraete’s picks of Halloween-appropriate fiction; Gerald So’s analysis of the challenges facing new TV crime series; and Byron McAllister’s essay about “religious encouragement for mystery writers.” Click here to read it all.

And while we’re noting the appearance of new Web fiction, let’s not forget that the fourth part of Patti Abbott’s round-robin short-fiction challenge has been posted, courtesy of Sandra Seamans’ blog. (Previous entries can be accessed here.)

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