Thursday, October 28, 2010

Danno Has Left the Beach

Just as TV watchers are again getting used to hearing Hawaii Five-O’s Steve McGarrett utter the popular phrase, “Book ’em, Danno,” the actor to whom it was originally addressed--James MacArthur, who played Danny Williams in the 1968-1980 version of that CBS-TV series--has died. As blogger Marty McKee reports, MacArthur (the son of actress Helen Hayes) succumbed today in Florida at age 72.

Mahalo, Mr. MacArthur. You will be remembered fondly.


Randy Johnson said...

Sorry to hear this.

Tom Roberts said...

For many of us "of the age," James MacArthur was well known from several of the live action Disney historical movies from the 1950s such as "Swiss Family Robinson," "Kidnapped" and "Light in the Forest" and had a supporting role in the Clint Eastwood film, "Hang 'Em High" before he ever hit the beach as Danno.

I always enjoyed his work whether on the big screen or small.

Rest in peace James.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books

Yvette said...

Sad news. My favorite memory of James MacArthur is in his role in one of my favorite movies as a kid:
LIGHT IN THE FOREST where he was a white boy raised as an Indian.