Monday, September 06, 2010

Who Exactly Is Being Stung Here?

Remarking today on author Alex Dryden’s new thriller, Moscow Sting (the sequel to 2009’s Red to Black), January Magazine critic Gretchen Echols writes: “The potential in these pages for an engrossing tale was considerable, but the results are less than satisfying. I think I finally understand what is meant by a ‘plot-driven story,’ and it’s not a pretty picture--or rather, not a rewarding read.” Ouch!

You can read all of Echols’ review here.

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Josiah said...

Oh, Infinite Jest is great, provided you don't make yourself read all 150 pgs. of end-notes.

Also, I officially have no respect for the Huffington Post when they write things like "Not even Oprah could make Faulkner cool."

Yeah. No further comment.