Friday, September 17, 2010

Share Memories of David Thompson

Author and blogger Patti Abbott sent me an e-note this afternoon, letting me know that a slight change is being made to the schedule for November’s NoirCon 2010.

There was originally going to be a panel discussion of the December anthology release, Damn Near Dead 2: Live Noir or Die Trying, edited by Bill Crider. But with the unexpected death earlier this week of David Thompson--who was to lead that discussion, and whose publishing company, Busted Flush Press, was issuing the book--the panel event is being turned into a tribute to Thompson. Abbott explains:
If any of your readers have remembrances of David they would like to include in the printed material or have read at the panel, we would be so happy to have it.

NoirCon takes place between November 4 and 7 in Philadelphia, and we urge anyone who can to register, come and participate. But if they cannot, they can e-mail me anything they’d like included about David. The panel participants will read the remembrances, and if we get them in time, include them in the program. Happy or funny memories are especially encouraged.
Click here to contact Abbott via e-mail.

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