Friday, September 10, 2010

Once More Into the Back Stacks

Even two and a half years after it started, the Web-wide “forgotten books” series continues to roll on strong. Among the crime-fiction-related choices being made today are: Death on Demand, by Michael Underwood; No Questions Asked, by Oliver Bleeck (Ross Thomas); Mizmaze, by Mary Fitt; Cobblestone, by Peter Lengyel; Operator 5, by Curtis Steele (Frederick C. Davis); Interrupted Aria, by Beverle Graves Myers; Stranger in Town, by Brett Halliday; Pilikia Is My Business, by Mark Troy; The Tall Dark Alibi, by Carol Jerina; a pair of boxing-backdropped novels, John C. Rowe’s The Roped Square and William Kelly’s The Sweet Summer; and Dashiell Hammett’s not-so-forgotten, 1932 novel, The Thin Man.

Series organizer Patti Abbott features four more books you have to read in her own blog, plus a full listing of today’s participants.

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