Friday, September 24, 2010

Be the Envy of Others

Are you well rested from the summer and ready for a new flash-fiction challenge? Patti Abbott explains the rules:
The theme is jealousy. I’ll write the first 1,000ish words that play on a theme: a story about a character who is jealous of someone else.

The next writer ... centers their story on the person my character is jealous of and the object of his/her jealousy. The reason for the jealousy would, of course, be different in every story.

I’d say we could take a week between segments. Every Tuesday then? Does this seem do-able to you? If so, let me know. Of course, we couldn’t knock off our nemeses ... but certainly they can be less than respectable citizens. Or murders other than that of the protagonist can take place.
Abbott is proposing to start this progressive challenge on Tuesday, October 5. If you’d like to participate, contact her here.

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