Friday, February 12, 2010

In With the Old ...

It’s Friday. Are you really surprised that the Web is filled with “forgotten books” recommendations? Then you’ve obviously been out of the loop. For almost two years!

Anyway, in addition to Calum MacLeod’s comments on this page about The Most Dangerous Game, by Gavin Lyall, today’s crime-fiction/thriller picks include: Murder in the Gun Room, by H. Beam Piper; The Long Way to Die, by James N. Frey; A Bullet for Cinderella, by John D. MacDonald; Casting in Dead Water, by David Lietz; The Three Roads, by Ross Macdonald; Fear’s Justice, by Marc Olden; The League of Frightened Men, by Rex Stout; a couple of Craig Rice books (8 Faces at 3 and Trial by Fury); and, curiously, two different write-ups about Paul Cain’s Fast One, the first by Evan Lewis, the second by Vince Keenan.

Series organizer Patti Abbott features a complete list of this week’s participants in her own blog, plus a trio of other worthy works.


Evan Lewis said...

Lyall's not a forgotten writer to me. He's a whole new thing. Thanks!

kathy d. said...

Again, not a woman writer on the list! Is it that women weren't submitting manuscripts, weren't being published or weren't being read?

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Well, Kathy D., when it comes to revisiting "forgotten books," it is not at all surprising that women authors should not be well represented. There were certainly some women penning crime/detective novels during the first half of the 20th century--Helen Reilly, Helen McCloy, Frances Lockridge, Frances Crane, etc.--but there were many more men doing the same. Women crime novelists have been more numerous since 1980 than they were before, and books of that recent vintage just aren't considered as "forgotten" as those that came out earlier.