Friday, November 06, 2009

Not So Forgotten Anymore

After you have enjoyed L.J. Sellers’ critique on this page of The First Deadly Sin, by Lawrence Sanders, look up a few of the other “forgotten books” being touted around the blogosphere. Among today’s crime-fiction choices: Six Deadly Dames, by Frederick Nebel; We All Killed Grandma, by Fredric Brown; Murder at the Villa Rose, by A.E.W. Mason; Blackstone’s Fancy, by Richard Falkirk; Have Gat--Will Travel, by Richard S. Prather; A Death for a Dancer, by E.X. Giroux; One Lonely Night, by Mickey Spillane; Diamond Head, by Charles Knief; and Who Goes Hang? by Stanley Hyland.

Click on over to Patti Abbott’s blog for several more choices from the dusty back stacks, including David Goodis’ Black Friday. She also provides a full list of today’s participating writers.

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