Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who Won the Krueger Collection?

By the time last night’s deadline was reached, we’d received more than 80 correct submissions to The Rap Sheet’s latest book giveaway contest. The prize this time: a complete set of William Kent Krueger’s nine Corcoran “Cork” O’Connor novels, including a copy of the newly released Heaven’s Keep. All readers had to do to enter was answer one question correctly: What famously underwear-averse author did Krueger want to be when he was 19 years old?

As Krueger explained in a autobiographical sketch on his Web site,
At nineteen, I wanted to be Ernest Hemingway. I read everything by him and about him. In the course of my reading, I stumbled onto a couple of pieces of information concerning Papa’s lifestyle that I tried to incorporate into my own way of being. First of all, Hemingway never wore underwear. Well hell, I thought, whatever was good enough for Papa was good enough for me. Right away I discovered that Hemingway must have been made of sterner stuff, and I went back to wearing my beloved Fruit of the Looms. But I also learned in my reading that Hemingway’s favorite time of day for writing was at first light. I gave it a try. And I liked it.
From among the readers who sent in correct entries, the winner of this contest--chosen at random--is Rebecca Cox of Opelika, Alabama. As promised, she will soon be sent a box of Krueger’s books, signed by the author. Congratulations, Rebecca. We hope you find many hours of pleasure in reading Cork O’Connor’s adventures.

Thanks as well to everyone else who entered this contest. If you didn’t win, you needn’t fret too much. On Monday, The Rap Sheet will begin another giveaway competition, with the prize being the newest book by one of Britain’s best-known mystery novelists.

Watch this page for entry details!

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