Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now in the Winner’s Circle ...

After a week spent collecting entries in The Rap Sheet’s great Dick Francis book giveaway contest, we finally have our lucky three contenders. They are:

Barbara J. Mitchell of Hallstead, Pennsylvania
Jon Butters of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Sally Cadagin of Springfield, Illinois

All will be sent free copies of Even Money, the new thriller concocted by famous jockey-turned-wordsmith Francis and his son Felix.

To enter this competition, all Rap Sheet readers needed to do was answer one simple question: Dick Francis’ autobiography was published in 1968. What was the title of that book? The answer, of course, is The Sport of Queens. Our three winners were chosen at random from among those people who answered correctly.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this contest. We hope to line up another book giveaway competition in the very near future.

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