Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cussler’s Millions

If you think you’re hurting financially right now, just be glad that you are not American adventure thriller writer Clive Cussler (Arctic Drift). As the site reports,
Author Clive Cussler has been ordered to pay $13.9 million (£10.1 million) in legal fees after launching an unsuccessful lawsuit against a film production company.

Crusader Entertainment’s 2005 adaptation of Cussler’s novel Sahara--starring Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz--is estimated to have lost around $80 million (£58.3 million) at the box office, causing Cussler to sue the production company over his lack of script approval.
But it seems the total cost to Cussler could be even greater. Yipes!


Ed Gorman said...

As I recall Cussler didn't come off that well during the trial but man this is an unimaginable amount of money to py for authorial pride. I'm wondering if an appeal is possible.

Craig Clarke said...

It sounds like a silly thing to do in the first place. Long after the movie was forgotten (I already had forgotten about it), Cussler's reputation would be unscathed. I think we all know that a bad movie (or an unsuccessful one, at any rate) is hardly a reflection on the source material.