Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Have Arrived ... in One Sense, Anyway

Well, I made it to Baltimore--via the hop-skip-and-jump method of air travel, with an unexpectedly long cab and train ride from Washington, D.C., to Charm City. And after a dinner last night of crab cakes and long hours of sleep, I have begun to settle in to the schedule of schmoozing, panel discussions, and encounters with people (such as blogger Peter Rozovsky of Detectives Beyond Borders) who somehow recognize my name.

No great moments to share at this point, though I have had the chance to reconnect with several authors I know by reputation only (Michelle Gagnon, Lee Child, Sean Chercover, Roger Jon Ellory, and Bill Crider) and see others I’ve encountered at previous crime-fiction-oriented conventions (such as Con Lehane, Martin Edwards, and Stephen Booth). I’m still looking forward to the possibility of a Rap Sheet get-together, as a number of this blog’s contributors (Ali Karim, Megan Abbott, Declan Burke, Gary Phillips, and Linda L. Richards) are in town for Bouchercon, but there are no firm plans on that score yet.

I shall keep you all apprised (on a very irregular basis, I predict) of the doings here.

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Peter Rozovsky said...

" ... who somehow recognize my name."

One of the more recognizable names in our little sphere it is!
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"