Monday, October 20, 2008

The Bearded One Debuts

Scottish author Stuart MacBride, who I found so entertaining at Bouchercon--and whose new novel in the States, Flesh House, I chose as January Magazine’s crime-fiction pick of the week--will be guest blogging for the next few days in St. Martin’s Minotaur’s Moments in Crime blog. In his premiere post, MacBride insists that “I’ve always wanted to write ‘The Great American Serial Killer Novel’. Now this is a creature not to be confused with ‘The Great American Novel’, which denotes some sort of worthy tome where people sit about a kitchen table in Vermont being miserable while the leaves change. No, the key words here are ‘Serial’ and ‘Killer’. Yes, there might still be miserable people sitting around a kitchen table in Vermont, but this time we know they’re all going to end up being chopped up into little tiny pieces and fed to the goldfish. There will be the FBI. There will be a sheriff in a big hat. And at some point someone’s going to say, ‘There’s one thing for certain: the Autumn Leaf Mangler will kill again!’” Keep up with MacBride’s posts here.

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