Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Go to the “Devil”

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s release of Sebastian Faulks’ new James Bond novel, Devil May Care? Then don’t. Three excerpts from the thriller are already available on the Web, courtesy of two different publications. The London Times has on offer a pair of “exclusive extracts” from the book, the first of which (introduced by Faulks himself) can be found here; the second is available here. Meanwhile, the American edition of Vanity Fair has its own (lengthy and lightly illustrated) excerpt here.

Other news stories related to Agent 007 and his creator, Ian Fleming:

The beautiful Beyonce Knowles seems to have replaced Amy Winehouse as the singer on the soundtrack of the next Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, due for release in the fall. More on that here.

• National Public Radio’s Morning Edition show has been flying largely under the radar with its Bond coverage, but some of it is quite good. Click here to find reports on London’s new Fleming exhibit, 007’s preference in martinis, and inventor Q’s real-life counterparts.

• There’s word on the release of a new edition of The Battle for Bond: The Genesis of Cinema’s Greatest Hero, by Robert Sellers, which was banned in March after it allegedly used copyrighted material controlled by the Fleming Trust. As CommanderBond.net reports, “Due to the banning, interest and demand in the book sharply rose paving the way for its publisher Tomahawk Press to release a second edition with the offending material removed.” That revision is due out in Britain late next month.

• And blogger Paul Bishop has put his already frequent Bond coverage into overdrive this week, highlighting the BBC’s recent radio dramatization of Dr. No, Robert McGinnis’ Bondian artwork, interviews with three of the villains from Solace, and “ Russia’s James Bond.”

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