Saturday, May 17, 2008

All Over the Map

Kevin Burton Smith made an excellent contribution yesterday to Patti Abbott’s “Forgotten Books Friday” project, writing in The Rap Sheet about Neil Albert’s 1991 private eye novel, The January Corpse. But there were also a number of crime-fiction-related tributes made in other blogs that deserved acclaim: James Reasoner’s comments about Ellery Queen’s 1933 novel, The Siamese Twin Mystery; Ed Gorman’s remarks about Robert Bloch’s 1954 novel, The Kidnaper; Bill Crider’s recollections of 1991’s The Night Remembers, by the aforementioned Ed Gorman; Sarah Weinman’s comments on James Preston Girard’s 1993 thriller, The Late Man (about which she also wrote last year in The Rap Sheet’s “One Book Project”); and J.D. Rhoades’ tribute to George C. Chesbro’s fourth Dr. Robert Frederickson (aka Mongo the Magnificent) novel, The Beasts of Valhalla (1985).

A full rundown of this last Friday’s entries can be found here.

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