Friday, November 05, 2010

Goldbug Variations

I never ceased to be amazed at the odd bits of news and tittle-tattle those folks at Boing Boing manage to collect. Does it sound from this item as if someone’s trying to buy the British government?
Charlie Stross links to an official transcript of the Nov. 1 debate in the UK’s House of Lords in which the Tory life-peer Lord James of Blackheath (a respected industry magnate and financier) claims to have been contacted by a secret foundation with more gold on hand than all the world’s bullion reserves combined. This group, “Foundation X,” apparently has offered to give the UK £5 billion right away, no strings attached, with another £17 billion to follow before Christmas for works on hospitals, schools and London’s crossrail project. Lord James seems to be totally serious about this, and he claims to have brought other respected Lords to meet with these shadowy goldbugs.
More to come? I certainly hope so.

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