Friday, June 29, 2007

They’ve Got Your Number

With an unusual 30 minutes of spare time on my hands today, I decided to check out, an subsidiary that compiles information about Web site traffic. I wanted to know which are the most popular crime- and thriller-fiction spots on the Internet.

As it turns out, The Thrilling Detective Web Site--created and edited by Kevin Burton Smith, a contributor to both January Magazine and The Rap Sheet--occupies the No. 1 position on that list. It’s immediately followed by Shots, the British Webzine for which I also write. Keep in mind that does not track blog traffic, so The Rap Sheet, Sarah Weinman’s Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, and other popular sites are not included in this list.

In any case, the top-20 rundown of crime- and thriller-fiction Web sites looks like this:

1. The Thrilling Detective Web Site
2. Shots
3. Crime Time On-Line
4. New Mystery Reader
The Mystery Place
6. Over My Dead Body
7. Crimespree Magazine
8. Deadly Pleasures
9. Mystery Readers Journal
10. Black Mask Magazine
11. The Strand Magazine
13. Nefarious
14. Sherlock
15. Hardluck Stories
16. Plots with Guns
17. Orchard Press Mysteries
18. The Gumshoe Site
19. Mysterious Women
20. Mysterical-E

If we extend this list out just a bit more, the 21st position is occupied by the Web site for ThrillerUK, a small-press fan magazine for pulp lovers. It’s followed by January Magazine’s Gumshoe Award-winning crime-fiction section, which is also edited by The Rap Sheet’s J. Kingston Pierce.

If you’d like to browse through more rankings related to this genre, click here.


Kevin Burton Smith said...

I'm gobsmacked. I demand a recount.

But just in case it's true, I think it's mostly due to all the people who have contributed in so many ways to the site over the years.

Mike Stotter said...

Good detective work, Mr Karim. I'm happy to say that SHOTS is down to teamwork, without Ali, Gary, Tony, Liz and now Donna it wouldn't exist.