Tuesday, April 24, 2007

“Overlook” Outlook

With his short novel, The Overlook, due out on May 22 (after first being serialized in The New York Times Magazine), Michael Connelly sent out word the other day that he’s written “a new bonus chapter” for the book that will be available only to his mailing list subscribers. While that’s a pretty rank bid for sales, the opportunity to read unique work from one of today’s foremost American crime fictionists is hard to pass up.

Connelly explains that “This bonus chapter will be sent out via e-mail to active list members on May 22. If you’re reading this e-mail now you’re good to go--don’t worry. But be sure to forward this message to any friends and family who may want to join the list before May 22.” To put your name in, click here. Just don’t blame me when you receive additional Connelly mailings in the future.

Also available--via YouTube--is an eight-minute video introduction to The Overlook, featuring excerpts from the forthcoming novel (read by Len Cariou), illustrations by Larry Moore, and original music written and performed by Frank Morgan. I guess when you’re as successful as Connelly is, you can afford such promotional devices. Click here to watch.

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Ali Karim said...


Thanks for the heads-up

Also Mike Connelly has confirmed that he's over in the UK this summer - I haven't seen him for a couple of years so look forward to meeting The Man and finding out whats new with Bosch and the crew.


June 19, 2007
Milton Keynes, England
72 Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes
6.30pm, Talk and signing

June 20, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
Details of event will be posted soon

June 21, 2007
London, England
Murder One Bookstore
76-8 Charing Cross Rd
12.30-1.30pm, Book Signing

7.00pm, Talk and signing