Friday, October 27, 2006

The Skinny on Connelly

Stacy Alesi, aka The Book Bitch, has posted an interesting blog item about her recent encounter with author Michael Connelly at a bookstore in Delray Beach, Florida. Two things stand out:

The news that Connelly is planning to write another story featuring Mickey Haller, the protagonist from The Lincoln Lawyer (2005). “However,” Alesi notes, “when I asked if the two series--Harry Bosch & Mickey Haller--would at some point be merged into one, Connelly was quick to point out that Haller is not a series, and Bosch is the only series he writes. He did concede that since they are half brothers, at some point there will undoubtedly be a book where they come together.”

And Alesi’s question to the author regarding a New York Times piece from October 16, in which books critic Janet Maslin stated, “And Mr. Connelly now does some of his writing in Mr. [Raymond] Chandler’s old apartment, a place he uses for inspiration. No living crime writer has a better right to be there.” The Book Bitch writes: “Connelly was quick to point out that it was a mistake--yes, in the NY Times. He does rent an apartment in Los Angeles but it isn’t Chandler’s apartment. However, there is a connection--the apartment is at the address of Chandler’s famous fictional character, Philip Marlowe. Connelly said he didn’t think that Chandler had ever stepped foot in it.”


Anonymous said...

Re the Masline comment, I was surprised when I read that in the NYT and wondered if it could possibly be true...

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Harry Bosch and Mikey Haller half brothers???