Thursday, December 15, 2016

Piping in More “Maigret”

The British television network ITV was apparently pleased enough with the viewership numbers on this last March’s “Maigret Sets a Trap”—its first episode in a rebooted Maigret series, starring comedic actor Rowan Atkinson and based on Georges Simenon’s long-running succession of mystery novels about French detective Jules Maigret—that it has a second installment, “Maigret’s Dead Man,” set to air in the UK on Christmas Day. Past Offenses has the trailer.

If you’d like to know more about the 1948 novel on which episode two is based, check out Crime Fiction Lover’s new review.

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Ian Dickerson said...

Both episodes were shot at the same time and were always intended as 'event' TV i.e scheduled around holiday viewing. They have commissioned two more films--a season 2 as it were--which are currently in production; Night at the Crossroads and Maigret in Montmartre.